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It is a Client Loyalty Reward Program offered by Greekferries Club SA. If you are a frequent ferry traveller and choose to book all your tickets through our travel agency, we reward you with special offers and discounts as well as cash back after a certain number of trips. Our program is based on the routes you travel. For every ferry route you book, your Bonus per Mile account is credited with the equivalent number of miles travelled. When completing a certain number of miles-points you can cash them in and use them towards your next ferry ticket.

Greekferries Club SA is a Greek travel organisation with 40 years experience in the maritime and ferry industry. For 15 consecutive years we served as General Sales Agent for Superfast Ferries & Blue Star Ferries. The years 2008-2011 Minoan Lines have awarded us with the title of ‘Top Sales Associate for individual passenger and vehicle ticket sales on the company’s international routes.

Greekferries Club more than 300.000 members from around the globe.
Our online ferry booking and ticketing engines have been online
since 1995 through the following websites :,, and

Our highly trained multilingual staff, comprising of 25 business associates communicating in 8 natively spoken languages, is always at your service regarding your ferry reservations and travel throughout the Mediterranean.

No, you do not. All Bonus per Mile offers and discounts are always additional to all other benefits you have as members of other ferry company clubs. When using our online booking system you will be asked to enter your membership codes, both for our Bonus per Mile Program as well as for the ferry company’s club with which you have chosen to travel. This way you benefit from both memberships at the same time!

Simply fill in the (NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM) from one of our websites or visit our offices directly. You could also contact us by phone at 801 300 30 33 if you are already in Greece. Upon registration we will issue a membership card for you with a unique membership number. This will be your personal ID number and will correspond to your online account through which you can monitor your Bonus per Mile activity.

If you register at our offices we give you the membership card straight away. If you register through one of our websites, by email or phone, we provide you with the membership card number (ID code) so that you can start collecting points immediately if you like. The actual card is sent to you later on along with the first ticket delivery you order, or -if you wish to receive it straight away- we can send it by post (10€).

For every 2.000 miles you travel by ferry we give 30 Euro to use against your next ferry ticket. There are no limitations as to the ferry company, ferry, route or date you wish to travel. Your miles-points have value!

Upon registration we give you 1000 miles-points as a gift. If you recommend up to 5 friends, we give you another 20 miles-points (ie 5 x 20 = 100 miles-points).

Additionally, in our Benefits page we announce special offers and discounts that apply to our members only for specific departures and dates. Please note that you can still use your ferry company membership cards in conjunction with your Bonus per Mile card and double your benefits.

In our Homepage you will find a ‘mileage calculator’. Simply enter the route you intend to book and the system will show you how many miles-points you will earn. Every time you make a reservation your account is updated automatically with the equivalent miles-points. Log into your account to see a detailed analysis of miles-points you have earned.

Upon registration, every Bonus per Mile Member is given access to his/her personal account.
All of the member’s details such as name, address, email, membership card number etc are catalogued here and saved in a Secure Server as personal data. This account is strictly personal. It is accessible only by the member and requires a unique combination of email and password to log in. These access codes are defined upon registration.

By logging into your personal account, you can see a detailed analysis of all the trips you have made by route and date, the miles you collected for each stretch, as well as all pending trips (booked but not yet travelled). Additionally you can monitor how many miles-points have already been redeemed, how many points are to be added once pending trips have been finalized and of course how many points are currently available for redemption.

In your personal account you will find a special field where you can state how many of your available miles-points you wish to redeem (minimum 2000 points). The system will automatically send you a discount code by email. Use this code when making your next reservation and our system will accordingly reduce the total cost of your ticket/s.

No. Only you have access to your personal account and are therefore responsible for redeeming your mile-points.

Yes. You can redeem miles-points from your account and then use the discount code that we send you to make a reservation for a third party e.g. booking a ticket for a relative or friend. Please note that you can make use of the discount, but since you are not one of the passengers, you will not earn miles-points from this specific reservation.

Unfortunately not. Each Member’s Account is personal and miles-points are earned only when the actual member travels by ferry. When entering the membership card number in a reservation, our system verifies that the card corresponds to one of the passengers before crediting the specific account with the new miles-points.

Contact us and give us your membership card number and your reservation details so that we can add them to your account.

Send us an email through our webpages or call us at +30 2810 529 000 or 801 300 30 33 (local charge from landlines and mobiles in Greece).

It cannot be used by anyone else, as you are the only ones who knows your access codes.

If you know your membership card number you can continue making reservations and the equivalent miles will be added to your account. If you require a new card, please contact us so that we can transfer your trips and miles-points into a new account and give you a new membership card.

Certain changes such as email, telephone number etc. can be changed through your online account.

You can certainly change the dates of your trip as long as this is permitted by the terms and conditions of the ferry company you are travelling with.

If you have to cancel a ticket that includes a discount from redeemed miles-points, the following conditions apply:

α) If the amount you paid after the point redemption is enough to cover the cancellation fees, then we simply refund the price difference (paid amount minus cancellation fees) and the redeemed miles-points are re-credited to your Bonus per Mile account.

β) If you used your miles-points for a free ticket or the difference you were asked to pay does not cover the cancellation fees, you have the option to make the ticket OPEN for future use.

No, the Bonus per Mile card is not an official document and cannot me used a means of identification.

Choose whichever way is most convenient for you to make α reservation:

Directly at our offices (Greekferries Club Building)
– 33 Kounavon Str, 71304 Giofyros, Heraklion, Crete, Greece Our staff assists you with your reservation and adds the miles-points to your membership card. You can pay either by cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard , American Express).

By calling +30 2810 529000or 801 300 30 33 (standard charge from Greek landlines and mobiles). Once again our staff assists you with your booking and adds the miles-points to your membership account. For phone reservations, a credit card is required for payment. We give you your reservation code and instructions on how to collect your tickets from the port office on the day of the departure. All that is required is your reservation code and a form of identification (ID or passport).

Through our websites,, and
Enter you travel details in our online booking engine and simply follow the steps. You will come across a special field where you can enter your membership card number and the miles-points will be added automatically to your Bonus per Mile account.