Membership Rewards
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Benefits on each trip

For every 2,000 nautical miles you travel,
we give you a discount on your next trip, 30 euros!

That is, as if we were giving you a ticket for FREE
Piraeus - Santorini, or better if you prefer, a LUX cabin,
We give you a 30 euro discount on the ticket price.

Each New Member receives a Bonus of 1,000 Miles upon registration!

And not only...

You get an additional 20 Miles for each "Friend", (up to 5 Friends) that
you recommend to the program "Bonus per Mile" (ie 5 x 20 = 100 Miles).

You will have to propose with your application "5 Friends" names and emails.
When your friends activate their registrations, then, automatically the miles gift,
will be credited in your account.

Every 2,000 Miles you collect (or multiple 4,000. 6,000, etc.), you can redeem them.

Miles can be redeemed when they reach the minimum number of 2,200.
Your account must always have 200 Miles remaining.