Membership Rewards
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Becoming a member

Bonus per Mile is a Customer Loyalty Reward Program.
The Terms & Conditions describe the relation between the company
Greekferries Club SA and the Bonus per Mile and the its Club Members.
Greekferries Club SA retains the right to change the Terms & Conditions
at any time. Members can get information on changes through the official
Bonus per Mile webpage.

  • Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for registration and participation in the “Bonus per Mile” Program is confirmed with the applicant’s electronic signature and receipt of the membership Card.
  • Greekferries Club SA retains the right to reject an application for participation in the “Bonus per Mile” Program.
  • The “Bonus per Mile” Program applies to adults over 18 years old and each membership card is personal and cannot be transferred or used by another individual.
  • The Membership Card remains property of Greekferries Club SA and in the case that a member does not qualify or comply with the Terms and Conditions of the “Bonus per Mile” Program, the company retains the right to request the return of the membership card or even cancel it automatically.
  • Group tickets do not render points.
  • Each member can have only one account. In case a member opens two accounts these will be joined and the points (if any) will be added into the one account.
  • A detailed analysis of the members points-miles is available in the “Members electronic account” in our website and is available to the Member 24 hours a day.
  • The Member can redeem points, Miles throughhis/hers account . The system automatically supplies a code which will correspond to the amount-miles the member wishes to redeem. When making the actual reservation though the online booking system, the member will enter this code in the equivalent field and the amount will be deducted from the total cost of the reservation.
  • The member will be asked to pay the difference. The reservation can be for any route, domestic or international, with any ferry company and for any season.
  • Every New Member gets 1.000 points – 1.000 Miles as a bonus by registering. An additional 20 points/miles for every “Friend” (up to 5) recommended to the “Bonus per Mile” program (meaning 5 x 20 = 100 points). By registering the Member has to suggest up to 5 names and emails of Friends. When those Friends activate their accounts the bonus points/miles will be credited into the Members account.
    Each member can redeem points as soon as they reach the minimum of 2.200 points-miles. A minimum of 2000 points-miles or it’s multiples (4.000, 6.000 ect.) can be redeemed each time. The account must always have a remainder of at least 200 points-miles.
    For every 2.000 points the Members wins a €30.00 discount
    on the value of the new ticket.

    Members travelling with a discounted ticket are still rewarded points-miles
    for the specific trip.
    Members travelling with a free ticket are not rewarded points for the specific trip.